Leisure, Tourism, Getaways

To everyone from 3 to 99 and over 

We accompany you on dream courses, in exceptional environments ...



More than 300 participants in one day.

We invented a lively animation to energize your events.

Business tourism

Team bulding

Sustainable development,

CSR : to manage the transition 

An unprecedented seminar : innovative training in the fundamentals of sustainable development, and "CSR Tour".

Social activities

Social cohesion

New activities to create social tie.

Health-related sport

Give a trike to your health

Sportive riding

Fun sports activity

Sport at work, diversification activities for athletes in training, multisport raids, disabled sports ... ...

Invitation to trip

Discover, to go meet ...

The trike is also designed to go far.

Sustainable Active Mobility

Consulting, testing, renting, selling

Soft mobility favorable to well-being, and the environment. Autonomy.

A pleasure that is renewed every day.