Leisure Tourism

Imagine you are driving a trike in Dunkirk ...

You have opted for the most popular circuit, a fun discovery getaway : a circuit in the heart of nature, in the woods, followed by the discovery of the beautiful park of Fort-Louis..


You proposed this trip in trike to your friends, to your family,

<<< everyone* can ride a trike >>>

the youngest (from 3 years old), the teenagers, the adults, the seniors *.

The course is adapted according to your wishes.

The electric assistance which equips a part of the trikes, makes it possible to put the whole group on an equal footing.

All will be delighted with their experience and will congratulate you on your suggestion.

* in case of health problem, or severe reduced mobility, inform us beforehand. 

A taste of your getaway at "Trike Paradise" ... 

Welcome to the land of Ch'tis

You may prefer to follow in the footsteps of VAUBAN and visit the fortified city of BERGUES.

Photo credits: Frédéric TOURNEUR, Ravel bike, Nord-Pas-de-Calais tourism. 

The city of Jean BART

The town of DUNKERQUE attracts you? Its harbor heritage, its seaside resort ... to visit during the day or at nightfall.

Photo credits: D.VONES, ANMA, Michel DEGAY,? ORHAN, Quentin Verwaerde, IKALAND. 

Each course has its own character and will leave you with unforgettable memories.

You can also mix the visits

If you do regular physical activity, you can experience 2 environments in half a day.

You can also spend an exceptional day visiting the 3 trike sites, enjoy a gourmet break for lunch, and a visit of the port by boat or the port museum. 

Are you worried that a member of the group has some difficulties to follow ?

2 child trikes and 2 adult trikes can be paired in tandem behind an e-trike.