You will ride in full safety.

Comfortably settled in a seat : cool !

Relax : no balance to manage.

While riding, you can take time to enjoy the scenery, discuss with your companions along the way.

Amazing rider-friendliness, immediate ease of use without any training.

Pleasant gliding feelings at ground-level :

go-kart feeling !

Trike is FUN !

Too easy, zen, and new thrills guaranted ... 

A video report on trikes,

and a description of our project (in french). 

Open to all !

Easy ridings,  open to all, whatever your physical condition.

2 e-trikes : electric trikes

What about the kids ?

They ride their own trike from âge 5. 

From âge 3, or to ride safety on a road or during urban crossing, trikes of the youngests are coupled behind their parents

to form a tandem.

Where riding trikes ?

Wherever your desire will lead you. 

In french highway code, a trike is a bike !

Ride to the countryside, on tracks, or for an Urban Tour.

Trike is also a wondeful vehicule to discover parks, wandering rides ...